Tickeron: The Commercial System Which Reveals What Some Intel Professionals Have Relied on for Years

October 16, 2020

Are you curious about the capabilities of intelware systems developed by specialized services firms? You can gat a good idea about the type of information available to an authorized user:

  • Without doing much more than plugging in an entity with a name
  • Without running ad hoc queries like one does on free Web search systems unless there is a specific reason to move beyond the provided output
  • Without reading a bunch of stuff and trying to figure out what’s reliable and what’s made up by a human or a text robot
  • Without having to spend time decoding a table of numbers, a crazy looking chart, or figuring out weird colored blobs which represent significant correlations.

Sound like magic?

Nope, it is the application of pattern matching and established statistical methods to streams of data.

The company delivering this system, tailored to Robinhood-types and small brokerages, has been assembled by Tickeron. There’s original software, some middleware, and some acquired technology. Data are ingested and outputs indicate what to buy or sell or to know, as a country western star crooned, “know when to hold ‘em.”

A rah rah review appeared in The Stock Dork. “Tickeron Review: An AI-Powered Trading Platform That’s Worth the Hype” provides a reasonably good overview of the system. If you want to check out the system, navigate to Tickeron’s Web site.

Here’s an example of a “card,” the basic unit of information output from the system:


The key elements are:

  • Icon to signal “think about buying” the stock
  • A chart with red and green cues
  • A hot link to text
  • A game angle with the “odds” link
  • A “more” link
  • Hashtags (just like Twitter).

Now imaging this type of data presented to an intel officer monitoring a person of interest. Sound useful? The capability has been available for more than a decade. It’s interesting to see this type of intelware finds its way to those who want to invest like the wizards at the former Bear Stearns (remember that company, the bridge players, the implosion?).

DarkCyber thinks that the high-priced solutions available from Wall Street information providers may wonder about the $15 a month fee for the Tickeron service.

Keep in mind that predictions, if right, can allow you to buy an exotic car, an island, and a nice house in a Covid-free location. If incorrect, there’s van life.

The good news is that the functionality of intelware is finally becoming more widely available.

Stephen E Arnold, October 16, 2020


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