LinkedIn and Facebook Envy: A Me Too in Progress

October 20, 2020

LinkedIn is a social media platform for “professionals,” however, it is better described as Microsoft’s version of the classifieds with a lot of interactive bells and whistles. In order to maintain LinkedIn’s relevancy, Microsoft recently upgraded it to include shinier features says Gadgets360 says in, “LinkedIn Introduces Stories, Video Chats, And Other New Features.”

One of LinkedIn’s new features is Stories that is best described as posts with a twenty-four hour self-destruct button. Nothing gets deleted on the Internet and content people posted in their youth can come back to haunt them as an adult. Stories allows LinkedIn users to share updates about their professional life without fear of it becoming a closet skeleton.

There is also a new video calling integration that will make it easier to initiate video calls from LinkedIn messages:

“LinkedIn announced the new features via a blog post. It will now allow users to start a video call over Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or BlueJeans by Verizon directly from LinkedIn messages. LinkedIn said that it aims to make it easy to switch conversations from chat to face-to-face video.”

Other LinkedIn updates include a dark mood, a better, streamline search experience, and flashier message options:

“Other notable features the Microsoft-owned platform introduced include the ability to edit and delete messages, react to a message or Story with an emoji, and select multiple conversations at a time to archive, delete, or mark them as read/unread. LinkedIn has also enhanced the way users can report inappropriate messages. You can also invite others to join an existing conversation, while keeping the original conversation history private.”

With these new features, Microsoft makes LinkedIn more useful but it does not erase its reputation as an “interesting” service among some professionals.

Whitney Grace, October 20, 2020


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