Open Source: A New Slogan Emerges. No Poster Art Yet

October 23, 2020

I read “Huawei’s Open Source Innovation Inspired by Of All, By All, for All.” Interesting. Microsoft is interested in open source. Amazon is semi interested in open source. Google is probably still interested in open source unless the team working on open source lost interest. But Huawei? Huawei is interested in open source. The write up reports:

Huawei has acknowledged the importance of open source and the role it plays in accelerating innovation within the software industry, stating that ecosystems such as openEuler, openGauss, openLooKeng, and MindSpore have created an ecosystem of open source basic software projects….The openEuler, openGauss, openLooKeng and MindSpore open source communities are all ‘led’ by Huawei as the company seeks to lay the groundwork for full-stack hardware and software collaboration.

Does Huawei’s support of open source fit into the strategic plan for Chinese technology?

The article provides a partial answer:

Huawei Cloud & AI Open Source business general manager Du Junping says that open source enables organizations to create innovation and value in an environment that is ‘open, fair, transparent, and secure’. Huawei says it is inspired by the mindset of fostering a sustainable, open source basic software ecosystem ‘Of All, By All, For All’.

Catchy: Of all, by all, for all. Very egalitarian and kumbaya-ish. Is it similar to “Smash the gang of four” or “Have fewer children, raise more pigs”? No, of course not.

Stephen E Arnold, October 23, 2020


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