Confidence in US Education: 46 Companies Have Doubts

November 3, 2020

I read “Top 48 US Companies Files Legal Challenge to Block H-1B Visa Changes.” The write up states:

Nearly 46 leading US companies and business organizations, including tech giants Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook, representing and working with key sectors of the US economy, have filed an amicus brief that supports a legal challenge to block upcoming rule changes to H-1B visa eligibility.

Another interesting factoid:

The companies said that the new DHS rules will dramatically reduce US businesses’ ability to hire these skilled foreign workers—one senior DHS official estimated that they will render ineligible more than one-third of petitions for H-1B visas.

What does this suggest about the flow of talent from the US education system? How are those online classes working out?

Stephen E Arnold, November 3, 2020


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