Are Big Tech Companies Like Countries? Not Exactly

November 11, 2020

The BBC published “China to Clamp Down on Internet Giants.” The article explains that China has figured out that online outfits may pose a challenge to government officials, procedures, and methods. The article explains:

China has proposed new regulations aimed at curbing the power of its biggest internet companies. The regulations suggest increasing unease in Beijing with the growing influence of digital platforms.

China has taken steps to make sure ants won’t ruin the government picnic. Other companies are affected as well. Europe is taking a similar, but uniquely European approach. Plus, the United States, asleep at the regulatory switch for a couple of decades, has heard the regulatory bleats as well.

The proposed rule changes in China, according to the BBC:

…will also take aim at companies that treat customers differently based on their data and spending habits.

Are big tech companies like countries? No, no they are not. Some big tech companies may not agree until the regulators grab their insect spray and zap the ants and other creatures buzzing in an annoying manner.

Stephen E Arnold, November 11, 2020


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