Data Visualization: Perfect for Innumerate Thumbtypers

December 23, 2020

Why do tech experts keep reminding us about the power of data visualization? Any preschool teacher knows that pictures with lots of colors are more interesting to their students than lines of text. Do people forget that fact when they graduate to adulthood or do they fail to integrate their childhood lessons into their brains?

4iQ describes itself as the Adversary Intelligence Company, which makes me think they are empowering super villains with technology, and they published an article on Medium: “The Power Of Visualization: Analysis In A Tsunami Of Information.” The article is obviously a press release to push potential clients to 4iQ’s Web site. It discusses how most law enforcement organizations do not include data visualization in their briefings/meetings due to their information’s nature. Here is something all preschool teachers know, but said in fancy jargon:

“In an era where so much information is at our fingertips, the value of data visualization has never been greater, and this includes both the data as well as the visual need to tell a compelling story. In most situations, images speak louder than words. With over 50% of our brains devoted to visual processing, a good visualization tool is just as important as a detailed analytical report. In fact, when used purposefully, visualization can serve as a standalone mechanism communicating essential findings needed to inform decision-makers.”

The rest of the article describes ways to visual law enforcement data blah blah and yada yada. Since the article is about data visualization 4iQ should have included examples of how they visual data—you know, pictures with lots of colors.

Whitney Grace, December 23, 2020


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