Sun Spotting in the Solar Wind

December 23, 2020

I read “Partial Lists of Organizations Infected with Sunburst Malware Released Online.” The information in the write up, which I assume is sun spot on, makes it possible to do some solar observations. For example, here are some alleged victims of the ever-so-slight sun burn from the estimable firm SolarWinds. I have created a value score to indicate how much informational goodness can be sucked from the alleged targets. Our first solar flare consists of:

City of Barrie (Canada)

Newton Public Schools (US)

Regina Public Schools (Canada).

Granted these are likely to deliver a low payout for actors looking for really good stuff via the misstep. Score: 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being an intel target of note.

How about these victims of the misstep? Let’s get rolling in data for carder sites.

BancCentral Financial Services Corp.

Stearns Bank

Signature Bank

Yes, better. Personally identifiable information, credit cards, debit cards, online bank account codes and passwords. Score 3.5

What about this group?




Stratus Networks

Here I award a value score of 4.5.

But where are the other 17,991 names? Oh, probably just trivial outfits. A misstep that’s all. A misstep missed by the cyber security systems protecting most of these outfits.

And today (December 21), the share prices of most cyber security firms are rising. (We don’t do news, so the date of authorship, the date of our source, and the date of publication are likely to be different. Beyond Search is confident that spectacular metadata systems from Smartlogic and other firms can figure out mere dating conventions, right?)

Stephen E Arnold, December 23, 2020


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