Thumb Typers Know Exactly What to Do: Okay, Not So Much

December 29, 2020

I read “More Info is Available about Which College Majors Pay Off, But Students Aren’t Using It.” This is a surprise? Nope, but it is “real” news. I noted this statement:

“What we find is that they’re not changing their majors,” Troutman [an expert in this subject] said. “They’re following their passions.”

Passions like van life, a digital emulation of riding a camel in the desert waiting for their Lawrence of Arabia to deliver a payoff?

The Bezos publication points out:

But even as this information becomes more readily available, there’s consensus that students generally aren’t consulting it when deciding where to go and what to study.

But what about students who don’t pick a major which “pays off”?

The write up states:

That students don’t know their likely future incomes well before they graduate is particularly surprising given that getting a good job is now the No. 1 reason they say they go to college, according to a nationwide survey of freshmen by an institute at the University of California at Los Angeles — edging out “learn[ing] more about things that interest me” — and that 84 percent said it was very important or essential to them to be financially very well off.

Maybe journalism? Alternatively another Bezos linked entity is hiring for warehouse work or artificial intelligence development.

Stephen E Arnold, December 29, 2020


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