Facebook Decision Sparks Colorful Language

February 19, 2021

I noted this headline:

Facebook Gives Middle finger to Australia as Google Strikes Multi-Million Dollar Deals over News

Very colorful. Google decided to write checks, not do the crazy pull out a country play bandied about. Facebook, on the other hand, seems content to kiss the kangaroos good bye. Not shrimp on the barbie when Mr. Zuck entertains, I assume.

The write up with the middle finger headline includes this quote from a Googler:

In response to Australia’s proposed new Media Bargaining law, Facebook will restrict publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content,” wrote William Easton, managing director of Facebook Australia & New Zealand in a blog post. “The proposed law fundamentally misunderstands the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share news content.

What happened to Melanie Silva the Managing Director,, Google Australia and New Zealand. She assumed her job in November 2020 or October 2018 depending on which source one examines. She was — at least to me — the hard line Googler.

But the article with the middle finger headline focuses on William Easton. He has VP attached to his title. What’s interesting is that he was at Facebook before becoming a Googler.

What I find interesting is that both Ms. Silva and Mr. Easton are finance types.

Remember the good old days of Google when senior executives were engineers?

Who at Google is calculating the cost of paying for news to publishers worldwide? How many ad sales will it take to offset the cost of news? The Google News page has lacked ads for many years. Perhaps that will change? If not, Google will have to trim more costs and find a way to hold down costs.

The Google is entering a new phase and high school science club management tactics won’t work. Writing checks does it seems.

Stephen E Arnold, February 19, 2021


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