Microsoft GitHub Goodie: Social Profile Finder

February 22, 2021

Do you want to locate the social media profile of a person? How about locating that social media profile across several hundred online services? Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can try this open source tool by navigating to Social Analyzer, downloading the code, and reading the documentation. Is this open source software as good as some of the tools available from specialized service providers? The answer is, “In some situations, it’s close enough to horseshoes.” The GitHub information says:

This project is “currently used by some law enforcement agencies in countries where resources are limited”.

Do some commercial specialized services providers charge their customers for access to this tool? Does Vladimir Putin have a daughter who is an expert dancer?

There are some interesting functions in this open source package; for example:

  • Email detection
  • Use of OCR to make sense of content in images
  • String and entity name analysis.

Having a user name and password for each system may come in handy as well. Microsoft is a helpful outfit in some ways.

Stephen E Arnold, February 22, 2021


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