Garbaged Books Become a Library

February 23, 2021

People throw away books. When I was younger and in the pre Kindle era, I would leave books I finished reading in seat back pockets on airplanes. My thought was that someone would find the book and read it. I know this was one of those virtue signaling efforts which resulted in flight attendants putting the books in the trash. Oh, well. I tried a little.

I read “Turkish Garbage Collectors Open a Library from Books Rescued from the Trash.” According the the write up, the library numbers 6,000 books and has a children’s section. No kidding? Children read?

The article states:

All the books that are found are sorted and checked for condition, if they pass, they go on the shelves. In fact, everything in the library was also rescued including the bookshelves and the artwork that adorns the walls … Today, the library has over 6,000 books that range from fiction to nonfiction and there’s a very popular children’s section that even has a collection of comic books. An entire section is devoted to scientific research and there are also books available in English and French.

In the Jefferson County, Kentucky, area in which we live, it is necessary to call the library. One must get an appointment to pick up a book. Convenient indeed.

It appears that the garbaged books are available to anyone who can walk to the library. No appointment needed it seems. Have the publishers sued to stop this practice? The article does not indicate that the trash collectors merit the attention of legal eagles.

Stephen E Arnold, February 23, 2021


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