Microsoft: Stunned by Its Own Insecure Petard?

March 12, 2021

I read “10 Key Microsoft Ignite Takeaways for CIOs.” Marketing fluff except for one wild and crazy statement. Here’s the passage I found amusing:

By midyear, enterprises will also be able to control in which datacenter Microsoft stores documents shared through Teams, group by group or even for individual users, making it more useful in some regulated industries or where there are concerns about the security of data. These controls will mirror those available for Exchange and SharePoint. There will also be an option to make end-to-end-encrypted one-to-one voice or video calls, that CIOs can enable on a per-employee basis, and to limit meeting attendance only to invited participants. A future update could see the addition of end-to-end encrypted meetings, too. For companies that are centralizing their investment in such collaboration, McQuire said, “Security is arguably the number one selection criterion.”

Assume this number one selection criterion is on the money. What’s the Microsoft security posture with SolarWinds and the Exchange breaches?

That petard packs quite a wallop, and it is not from marketing hoohah. There’s nothing like a marketing oriented conference to blow smoke to obfuscate the incredible security issues Microsoft has created. But conferences and marketing talk are easier than remediating the security problems.

Stephen E Arnold, March 12, 2021


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