Watching the Future of Talend

March 15, 2021

I read “Talend Sells to Private Equity Firm Thoma Bravo in $2.4 Billion Deal.” I find this interesting. Talend is a software company providing extract, transform, and load services and analytics. Data remain the problem for many thumbtypers fresh from Amazon or Google certification classes. The idea is to suck in legally data from different sources. These data are often in odd ball formats to malformed because another digital mechanic missed a bolt or added a bit of finery. Some people love MarkLogic innovations in XML; others, not so enamored of the tweaks.

What’s Thoma Bravo bring to the table for a publicly traded company with a number of competitors?

I can think of two benefits:

The first is MBA think. Thoma Bravo is skilled in the methods for making a company more efficient. It is a good idea to internalize the definition of “efficiency” as the word is used at McKinsey & Co.

The second is acquisition think. From my point of view, the idea is to identify interesting companies which provide additional functionality around the core Talend business. Then Thoma Bravo assists the Talend management to bring these companies into the mothership, train sales professionals, and close deals.

No problem exists with this game plan. One can identify some indicators to monitor; for example:

  • Executive turnover
  • Realigning expenditures; possibly taking money from security and allocating the funds to sales and marketing
  • Targeting specific market segments with special bundles of enhanced Talend software and business methods.

For more information about Talend as it exists in March 2021, navigate to this link.

Oh, one final comment. Thoma Bravo was involved in making SolarWinds the business success it became.

Stephen E Arnold, March 15, 2021


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