The Google: Accused of Going Slow

March 25, 2021

I love the automated emails which inform me that one of my WordPress posts has violated Google AMP requirements. We use an automated system to post. We don’t make changes on the fly to our posts. Yet Google wants us to stop everything and fix an AMP issue. The only problem is that we did not create the AMP issue, and the GOOG does not bother to explain what the issue is. We are, however, are supposed to hop to it.

However, those expectations of snappy reaction to order from authorities do not apply to the Google. (Does that surprise you?)

U.S. DOJ Accuses Google of Dragging Its Feet in Antitrust Trial” makes it clear that there is Google’s definition of “snappy” and the US legal system’s definition. The write up reports:

…the Justice Department said that Alphabet’s Google had balked at some search terms that the government wanted it to use to locate relevant documents.

Google is quoted as telling US legal authorities:

“The DOJ Plaintiffs’ proposal is unreasonable and not proportional to the needs of this case,” Google said in the filing.

Beyond Search thinks that it understands the Google’s position; to wit:

  • Google has more money and lawyers and time than the US Department of Justice.
  • Google has a wealth of delaying tactics to use; for example, the firm can explain that it cannot locate documents. This worked when Google was asked to provide salary data which the mom and pop ad shop could not gin up. Imagine that.
  • Churn among lawyers in the US Department of Justice is a constant. Perhaps the idea is, “Let’s wait and see if more friendly lawyers get assigned to the case.”

Logical, right? That’s why I have to react immediately to an AMP message caused by Google’s onw system. Absolutely.

Stephen E Arnold, March 26, 2021


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