Palantir SPACtacular Pipeline Filler

June 14, 2021

I read “Palantir Gets Aggressive in SPAC Investments, Backing Digital Health, Aviation and Robot Companies.” The article explains that in a short period of time — about 12 weeks — the intelware company has “forged agreements to invest in at least six special purpose acquisition companies.”


The answer may be in this statement from the article:

Beyond the financial returns, Palantir is looking for innovative companies in big markets that can make use of its data tools.

Who says?

The write up answers this question too:

“We’re seeing an opportunity to back really good management teams with big visions,” said Kevin Kawasaki, Palantir’s head of business development. The company can partner and “allow them to have our data operating systems platform that we’ve put 15 years and billions of R&D dollars into,” he said.

It appears that Palantir is investing and then its “investment” is used to license its software.

If I am correct, this is an interesting way to generate revenues and obtain customer engagement. Let’s assume I am on the right track, my questions are:

  1. With the buzz generated by the initial public offering, have leads been converting into signed agreements at an improved rate?
  2. Is the Palantir system encountering the type of headwinds that other search and content processing companies have encountered; that is, long and complex set up, tuning, and customization process for impatient clients?
  3. Is the market for intelware facing competition from lower cost providers from other countries and US start ups which “appify” large, workstation like systems?

I, of course, don’t have answers to these questions. Worth watching how this SPACtacular pipeline filler delivers the sustainable revenue.

Stephen E Arnold, June 14, 2021


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