Amazon Sends an E2EE Message to the Google and Microsoft

June 28, 2021

I gave a lecture to a group of cyber fraud investigators a week or so ago. I made a point of saying, “E2EE messaging is the new Dark Web.” I think some of the people in the audience resonated with my remarks, but Zoom lectures are not exactly in-person, meet-and-greet events.

I offered a similar observation at this year’s National Cyber Crime Conference. I know that at least one person was listening. I received on the sort of weird Whova app, an atta boy message from a real live Amazon professional.

I noted this story on June 25, 2021: “AWS Has Acquired Encrypted Messaging Service Wickr.” The write up states:

AWS will continue operating Wickr as is, and offer its services to AWS customers, “effective immediately,” notes a blog post from Stephen Schmidt, the VP and CISO for AWS, announcing the news.

Informative? Sort of. I think this is an important acquisition. The Silicon Valley real news story points out that work-from-home makes this type of communication method important.

Are there other reasons for the purchase?

Oh, yeah. I have a for fee briefing which explains three other motivators for this type of deal. Believe me, they are not the baby food work from home justification.

Stephen E Arnold, June 28, 2021


One Response to “Amazon Sends an E2EE Message to the Google and Microsoft”

  1. Deborah L Killion on June 29th, 2021 9:11 pm

    I know from my best intelligence sources that the white hats have acquired Amazon on the military level. Whether or not this is directly involved I’m not sure but I do know it has to do with the AWS system.

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