Microsoft: Innovation Never Stops

July 6, 2021

Big news weekend. Forget the terror printer nightmare thing. Ignore the REvil ransomware issue. Get behind the big news. Navigate to “Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death Is Changing to Black in Windows 11” and imbibe the super important announcement. Microsoft’s blue screen of death — affectionately known as BSOD — will be black. Energy saving? Of course. Massively significant? Of course. Truly innovative? Outdoing Einstein is routine for the Redmond outfit.

Now the question becomes, “What does one call BSOD?” I suggest:

[a] blod

[b] lacks

[c] baloney

I love baloney. Don’t you?

PS. Hats off to the Silicon Valley “real” news outfit for this factoid:

It’s the first major change to the BSOD since Microsoft added a sad face to the screen in Windows 8 in 2012

Really. Great.

Stephen E Arnold, July 6, 2021


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