Federated AI: A Garden of Eden. Will There Be a Snake or Two?

August 23, 2021

I read “Eden AI Launches Platform to Unify ML APIs.” I had two immediate reactions. The first was content marketing, and the second was that there was a dark side to the Garden of Eden, wasn’t there?

Eden is a company pulling a meta-play or leveling up. The idea is that one can pop up higher, pull disparate items together, and create a new product or service.

This works for outfits ranging from a plumbing supply company serving smaller towns to an outfit like the Bezos bulldozer. Why not apply this model to the rock solid world of machine learning application programming interfaces.

The write up states:

… using Eden AI, a company could feed a document in Chinese into Google Cloud Platform’s optical character recognition service to extract its contents. Then it could have an IBM Watson model translate the extracted Chinese characters into English words and queue up an Amazon Web Services API to analyze for keywords. Eden AI makes money by charging providers a commission on the revenues generated by its platform.

Latency? Apparently no problem. The costs of maintaining the meta-code as the APIs change. Apparently no problem. Competition from outfits like Microsoft who whether the technology works or not wants to maintain its role as the go-to place for advanced whatevers. No problem.


Stephen E Arnold, August 23, 2021


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