Intel: The Horse Collar/Ridge Whatever Outfit Does Alder Lake

August 30, 2021

I read “Intel Unveils Details of 100B-Transistor AI Chip and Alder Lake Hybrid Processor.” Interesting. The write up explains a chip with 100 billion transistors. Like IBM’s latest, the chip will include artificial intelligence. Like Lego blocks, “plates” can be snapped together.

Here’s the passage in “Alder Lake Extravaganza: Intel Unloads Details on its Next-Gen CPU” I found somewhat sobering

After six years stuck on 14nm, Intel needs to demonstrate that it can recapture process and performance leadership.

Who will fab these chips? Intel’s planned facilities in water-starved Arizona. TSMC? Existing facilities owned by Intel? An acquisition’s facilities?

When will these chips become available? After Horse chip leaves the stable?

Stephen E Arnold, August 30, 2021


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