Google: Is Duplicity THE Game Plan?

September 27, 2021

I read “Google CEO Sought to Keep Incognito Mode Issues Out of Spotlight, Lawsuit Alleges.” Keep in mind that this is an allegation. The write up reports:

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai in 2019 was warned that describing the company’s Incognito browsing mode as “private” was problematic, yet it stayed the course because he did not want the feature “under the spotlight,” according to a new court filing. Google spokesman José Castañeda told Reuters that the filing “mischaracterizes emails referencing unrelated second and third-hand accounts.”

Like the word “unlimited” in “unlimited downloads”, my hunch is that “incognito” has a special meaning to Googlers. Those who are not Googley will not understand that “incognito” is a flag which makes it possible to pay attention to such actions within that browser function.

I am not Googley; therefore, I inferred that incognito meant:

with one’s identity concealed

There you go. A simple error caused because I, like some other people, assume that definitions matter. They do. What’s left out is that super smart executives at some high tech companies speak their own language. Like “diversity” and “Timnit Gebru.”

The Googley don’t make mistakes with words.

Stephen E Arnold, September 27, 2021


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