DarkCyber for October 5, 2021, Now Available

October 5, 2021

DarkCyber Number 20 for October 5, 2021 is available at this link. The program focuses on artificial intelligence operations or AIOps. The 11 minute program reviews how AIOps work, applications for law enforcement and intelligence activities, upsides, and downsides. The methods discussed include those of a late 1990s innovator implementing a method which has rippled over a 20 year period to the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Lab. Snorkel.ai — a start up with more than $132 million in funding — is an influential AIOps system used by a number of high profile companies. DarkCyber is produced by Stephen E Arnold, publisher of Beyond Search. The video is available on YouTube and via the splash page of Mr. Arnold’s blog, Beyond Search. The videos are not sponsored and contain no advertising.

Kenny Toth, October 5, 2021


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