The Boss of the DoubleClick Outfit Offers Some Advice

October 19, 2021

I read “Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Calls for Federal Tech Regulation, Investments in Cybersecurity.” What did the owner of DoubleClick talk about?

That’s easy. Big things like quantum computing which is unlikely to arrive on the Google phone any time soon. And regulation. You know the rules of the road which the DoubleClick outfit follows like a super slick Waymo vehicle which rarely drive into a dead end or create a thrill or two for those spotting one in a bus lane. Plus cybersecurity. Right. That’s why the DoubleClick outfit apparently alerted some Gmail users that a mere nation state or two or three were interested in their missives.

The write up reports that the boss of the DoubleClick systems and methods stated in an interview at a high class technology event:

Pichai additionally tied consumer privacy to security, even noting that “one of the biggest risks to privacy is the data getting compromised” — an interesting statement coming only days after Amazon, a top Google rival, saw its game streaming site Twitch hacked. As for where to draw the line in regulating tech, Pichai said the law shouldn’t encroach on the open internet.

Yep, DoubleClick’s owner did not mention online advertising as originally crafted by pay-to-play innovator Yahoo. Right? Yahoo, the pre IPO settlement, and the business.

Nope, DoubleClick’s owner did not talk about online advertising and how that money machines has shaped Alphabet Google into the sleek, trustworthy, reliable, and Timnit Gebru-sensitive outfit it is today.

Minor omission. Understandable from the owner of the DoubleClick technology.

Following rules is the name of the game. The question is, “What rules is Alphabet Google following?”

Why new ones are important to the company is not particularly clear to me. But I just sit in my computer lab in rural Kentucky and marvel at how the owner of the DoubleClick technology can be so darned sincere and earnest.

As Oscar Wilde observed in the Importance of Being Earnest:

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

That’s why it is challenging to delete old email on the Gmail system, why Android is a busy beaver in the transfer data stream, and why the Importance of Being Earnest is relevant to the mom-and-pop online advertising company and, of course, to quantum computing.

Stephen E Arnold, October 19, 2021


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