A Sporty Allegation: One Person Is Two on the Zuckmetabook Thing?

October 25, 2021

If you are interested in an “indie hacker’s” view of Zuckbook. Ooops. Sorry. I meant Facebook, you will want to read “Facebook Will Count One Person as Two on Its Platform.” I found the write up interesting. Darko has a way with words.

Here’s the statement from the Zuckbook which caught his attention:

Starting today, if someone does not have their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in Accounts Center, we will consider those accounts as separate people for ads planning and measurement.

Darko then clarifies this corporate Zuck speak:

Essentially, Facebook will count one person as two on its platform for advertisers, unless the users have explicitly linked their accounts in “Account Center”. [Emphasis in the original text}

The write up identifies other murkiness; for example, the machinations of the “Account Center” and how the Zuckbook presents some ad effectiveness data.

Darko points out that the Zuckbook may be doing the Darwin adaptation to the Tim Apple privacy play. Plus, Zuckbook ad rates are “skyrocketing” to use Darko’s term.

What’s the impact of the Zuckbook’s new ad finery? Darko says:

Fortunately, there are new channels that are emerging and some founders already started having success with them. These recent interviews I did on using TikTok influencers to grow a SaaS and using Reddit outreach are just some examples. Decentralized social networking is also on the way, according to people like Naval, and is just waiting for its Satoshi moment.

I think I understand. Bad news for the Zuckbook. Maybe.

Stephen E Arnold, October 25, 2021


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