Credder: A New Fake News Finder

November 5, 2021

Fake news is a pandemic that spreads as fast as COVID-19 and wreaks as much havoc. While scientists created a cure for the virus, it is more difficult to cure misinformation. Make Use Of says there is a new tool to detect fake news: “How To Spot Fake News With This Handy Tool.”

Credder is a online platform designed by Chris Palmieri. He is a professional restaurateur and decided to build Credder after seeing potential in review sites like Yelp. Unlike Yelp and other review sites, Credder does not rate physical locations or items. The platform does not host any news articles. It crawls publications for the latest news and allows users and verified journalists to rate articles.

Credder is designed to fight clickbait and ensure information accuracy. Ratings are posted below each news brief. Verified journalists comment about their ratings and users can submit new pieces to rate.

Credder spots fake news in the following ways:

“Search for relevant articles on Credder. Besides each article, you will see the Public Rating and the User Critic Rating.

• The higher the rating, the more reliable the source.

• You can click on the article, and you’ll be taken to the parent website.

• There’s also a handy search tool that you can use to find articles or authors via keywords.

• Users can also rate individual authors and outlets. In turn, each user is assigned a rating from Credder as well. This is designed to ensure the quality of ratings across the platform.”

Credder relies on crowdsourcing and honesty to rate articles. There is not a system in place to verify journalist credentials and bias happens when users give their favorite authors and sources high scores. Credder, however, is transparent similar to the Web of Trust.

Fake news is a rash that will not go away, but it can be stopped. A little common sense and information literacy goes a long way in combatting fake news. Credder should start making PSAs for YouTube, Hulu, and cable TV.

Whitney Grace, November 5, 2021


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