Ask Jeeves Has a Younger Cousin, Ask Jarvis

November 25, 2021

Ask was a “smart” online search engine. The name lives on in Who remembers? No one. No matter. The younger cousin is now available. Ask Jarvis is “an AI code assistant developed by” The idea is that a hard working developer handling a full time job via Zoom and working on numerous side gigs needs help. Just ask Jarvis when you need a programming tip or a chunk of a manpage. You can find the Web page at Is it the rule based wonder of the original smart Ask Nope, this is an artificial intelligence / machine learning 2021 search system with natural language “powered by OpenAI codex, a descendant of GPT-3.” Years ago this would have been labeled a vertical search engine. Today? I am not sure.

Stephen E Arnold, November 25, 2021


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