What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Direct Connections to MSFT SQL Servers?

December 3, 2021

One can now connect Google Data Studio directly to MSSQL servers with a new beta version. Previously, this feat required the use of either Microsoft’s Power BI or Big Query. Reporter Christian Lauer over at CodeX frames this move as an incursion in, “Google Attacks Microsoft Power BI.” He writes:

“Maybe many of you have been waiting for this. Google Data Studio now also offers a connector to MSSQL servers — at least in the beta version. But you can already use it without any problems. For me this is a milestone and a direct attack on Microsoft Power BI. Because now Data Studio is again a bit closer to the top solutions like Power BI and Qlik or Tableau. In addition, you no longer have to use MS products or load the data into a data warehouse beforehand if they come from Microsoft servers. The advantage for Google’s solution is of course that Data Studio is free of charge. … Many companies have MSSQL databases, now the widely used and free Data Studio from Google also offers a built in connector for it. Often the right and better way would be to make the data available via a Data Warehouse or Data Lake. But especially for smaller companies with only a handful of MSSQL databases, this direct way via Data Studio is probably the most efficient.”

The write-up describes the straightforward process for connecting to an MSSQL database via Google Data Studio, complete with a screenshot. For more information, he sends us to Studio’s Help file, “How to Connect to Microsoft SQL Server.” We wonder, though, whether Microsoft would agree this development amounts to an “attack.” The company may barely notice the change. Cyber criminals? We will have to wait and see.

Cynthia Murrell, December 3, 2021


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