Russia Says Happy Holidays to Google

December 24, 2021

I think I have figured this out. Each month the Russia legal system fines Google some money. Think of this as a tax levied on being allowed to operate in a country not fond of certain Ukrainian officials. Come to think of it. Russia does not exactly love the Google. The first hint was the go nowhere deal for Sergey Brin to fly into space, a goal that has remained out of reach. A failure for a ride must have been as painful as the failure of the Google Glass thing.

Russian Court Fines Google Nearly $100M Over Content” delivers the holiday news to the well managed outfit in Mountain View. What was Google’s transgression? (I know it is difficult to pick from the cornucopia of alleged missteps.) Here’s what the write up reports:

A Moscow court has fined Google nearly $100 million over its failure to delete content banned by local law.

Will Google pay? Sure, eventually.

I am interested to see what “fine” emerges in January. Won’t Russia enforcement officials pull Googzilla’s tail to collect another financial output? Apple has made clear that US companies will cut deals to do business in certain nation states. Russia’s approach is more direct: Find the Google guilty. Collect money.

Perhaps Mr. Putin will propose a more predictable approach? Is an Apply type of deal on the to do list for 2022?

What a nice way for the Russian bear to wish GOOG “Happy Holidays”!

Stephen E Arnold, December 24, 2021


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