PR Dominance: NSO Group Vs Peloton

January 27, 2022

If you have followed the PR contrail behind the NSO Group, you probably know that the Israeli specialized software and services firm has become a household name at least among the policeware and intelware community. A recent example is reported in “Israel’s Attorney General Orders Probe of NSO Spyware Claims.” The write up explains:

Israel’s attorney general says he is launching an investigation into the police’s use of phone surveillance technology following reports that investigators tracked targets without proper authorization

Not good.

But there is a bright cloud on the horizon.

Second TV Show Emerges With Peloton Twist As A Plot Point” asserts:

Already reeling from its announcement last week that it is halting production of its connected fitness products as demand wanes, Peloton must now face another tv show that seems to indicate its devices may cause issues for a certain segment of the population.

Translating the muffy-wuffy writing, the idea is that a character in a US tv show rides a Peloton, suffers a heart attack, and dies. The alleged panini-zation of small creatures under one model’s walking belt was a definite negative. But not even NSO Group is depicted knocking off the talent in a program. Keep in mind that two shows use the Peloton as an artistic device a twist on the deus ex machina from high school English class required reading of Greek tragedies.

Will Peloton continue its climb to the top of the PR leader board? My hunch is that NSO Group hope that it does.

Stephen E Arnold, January 27, 2022


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