Smooth Persuasion and Smoothie Excitement

January 27, 2022

I have seen the allegedly non deep fake video. I have scanned social media comments. And I read the definitive write up “A Top Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Faces Charges after Hurling a Drink at a Smoothie-Store Employee and Making a Racist Remark, Police Say.” The write up reports:

A top financial advisor at Merrill Lynch was arrested and charged after he threw a drink at a worker at a smoothie store and made a racist remark during an altercation that appeared to arise from his son’s peanut allergy, the police said.

My hunch is that the “top financial advisor” assumed that the Smoothie professional knew his son’s medical history. The Smoothie professional prepared a Smoothie, including a compound known to trigger a response which can produce cardiac arrest or anaphylaxis, among other responses.

From my experience, “top financial advisors” can assume that anyone in their galaxy tunes into the music of the financial spheres. One tuned in, Smoothie orders and compliance with Wall Street type requests know what do do — now.

A failure to interact means that the ineffective employee will receive a harsh review when an annual people resources assessment takes place.

Several observations:

  1. The Smoothie professional failed to respond to the “top financial advisor’s” messaging outputs; therefore, that Smoothie professional is unlikely to be hired by a top New York money shop like a Merrill Lynch type of operation
  2. The “top financial advisor” appears to have the interpersonal skills suitable for a senior management role at a Silicon Valley-type of organization
  3. The verbal mastery of the alleged Smoothie critic uses crisp, no nonsense language; for example, according to the write up cited, “stupid, #$%#! ignorant high school kids” and “#$%#! immigrant loser.” Opportunities to join an online advertising copywriting team or possibly the outbound communications team at an artificial intelligence start up are likely to be plentiful.

To sum up: Another example of what I call the high school science club management method for interpersonal communications. Outstanding example indeed.

Stephen E Arnold, January 27, 2022


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