DuckDuckWent: Can a Search System Float in the Same Content Stream Again?

March 11, 2022

I read “DuckDuckGo Ends Neutrality, Will Down-Rank Sites Associated with Russian Disinformation.” Recognizing disinformation can be tricky. Using the word Russian may make the job easier.

I am not going to get into a philosophical discussion.

For me the important point of DuckDuckGo’s decision to have an editorial policy (often called censorship) is captured in this passage from the source document:

A change in direction.

I would like to see DuckDuckGo be upfront about:

  1. The source of its search index
  2. The number of content objects compared to the indexes of Swisscows, Google, and Brave Search
  3. How deduplication works

Responding to Russia is a waddle but more steps are needed. Waddle along, DuckDuck, please.

Stephen E Arnold, March 11, 2022


One Response to “DuckDuckWent: Can a Search System Float in the Same Content Stream Again?”

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