Zuck Pestered by Legal Flies in Canberra

March 18, 2022

My most interesting experience in Canberra was the flies. These knew I was giving a lecture at the International Chiefs of Police Conference. I met a number of dedicated and effective law enforcement professionals. But I remember the flies. These critters besieged me when I walked from the conference hotel to a small market. I know I bought a hat with a mesh curtain, but the flies were persistent.

Meta Facebook whatever is learning that there are dedicated and effective public servants in Australia. The Zuck is discovering what I conceptualize as lawyers with the stick-to-ativity of those Canberra flies.

Australian Watchdog Sues Facebook-Owner Meta over Scam Advertisements” — from a trusted source no less — explains that the Australian competition watchdog is taking action for Zuck’s alleged advertising methods. What are these? Nothing new: Allegations of questionable conduct and in appropriate use of images. (Note: You may have to cough up personal data or pay to view the source article from those trust worthy folks.)

I am not sure how Meta’s leadership team is leaning in to this most recent challenge. One downstream consequence is that countries allied with Australia are likely to monitor the legal action. If it prevails, other countries may pursue similar actions.

Flies. Annoying.

Stephen E Arnold, March 18, 2022


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