PR or Reality? Only the Cyber Firms Know the Answer

April 6, 2022

Cyber crimes are on the rise. Businesses and individuals are the targets of malware bad actors. IT Online details how cyber security firms handle attacks: “What Happens Inside A Cybercrime War-Room?” As a major business player in Africa, South Africa fends off many types of cyber attacks: coin miner modules, viruses downloaded with bad software, self-spreading crypto mining malware, and ransomware.

The good news about catching cyber criminals is that white hat experts know how their counterparts work and can use technology like automation and machine learning against them. Carlo Bolzonello is the country manager for South Africa’s Trellis’s branch. He said that cyber crime organizations are run like regular businesses, except their job is to locate and target IT vulnerable environments. Once the bad business has the victim in its crosshairs, the bad actors exploit it for money or other assets for exploration or resale.

Bolzonello continued to explain that while it is important to understand how the enemy works, it is key that organizations have a security operations center armed with various tools that can pull information about possible threats into one dashboard:

“That single dashboard can show where a threat has emerged, and where it has spread to, so that action can be taken, immediately. It can reveal whether ransomware has gained access via a “recruitment” email sent to executives, whether a “living off the land” binary has taken hold via a download of an illicit copy of a movie, or whether a coin miner module has inserted itself via pirated software. Having this information to hand helps the SOC design and implement a quick and effective response, to stop the attack spreading further, and to prevent it costing money for people and businesses.”

Having a centralized dashboards allows organizations respond quicker and keep their enemies in check. Black hat cyber organizations actually might have a reverse of a security operations center that allow them to locate vulnerabilities. PR or reality? A bit of both perhaps?

Whitney Grace, April 6, 2022


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