Three Facts: Staffing, Old Media, and Zuck Math

April 19, 2022

I spotted three factoids in my newsfeed this morning (April 13, 2022, 0700 am US Eastern). Interesting items reveal the shift taking place in the swirling worlds of digital information.

The first factoid comes from “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads.” I noted:

Security talent shortages are especially pronounced in Germany – 53% of organizations in that country reported that struggles with recruiting and retention resulted in multiple project delays over the past 12 months, compared to 43% across other countries.

The second factoid is derived from two separate articles. The first items comes from the real news source CNBC and its write up “CNN+ Struggles to Lure Viewers in Its Early Days, Drawing Fewer Than 10,000 Daily Users.” The fact may be slushy but it is interesting because 10,000 seems modest in terms of the alleged $300 million spent for the for fee service. The second factoid comes from the paywalled “The TikTok War Didn’t Cause the TikTok Boom.” Here’s the fact: The service had attracted about 1.6 billion users in a recent month. Let’s assume these data are close enough for horseshoes. It’s clear that there is a audience pull difference between old media and new media.

The third factoid is from “Meta Plans to Take Nearly 50% of Creator’s Earnings in ‘Horizon Worlds’.” Zuckbook (formerly Facebook) will take 50 percent of money earned by a person who sells digital artifacts inside the virtual world “Horizon Worlds.” Seems fair to the Zuckbook team I assume.


  • Cyber security is morphing into cyber insecurity with no easy fix at this time.
  • Old media lacks the magnetism of the China-linked new media from TikTok.
  • Apple’s changes to app behavior appear to cause Zuckbook to charge fees once associated with a money lender in Florence in the 11th century.

Stephen E Arnold, April 19, 2022


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