Enterprise Search Vendor Buzzword Bonanza!

April 25, 2022

Enterprise search vendors are similar to those two Red Bull-sponsored wizards who wanted to change aircraft—whilst in flight. How did that work out? The pilots survived. That aircraft? Yeah, Liberty, Liberty Mutual as the YouTube ads intone.

Enterprise search vendors want to become something different. Typical repositionings include customer support which entails typing in a word and scanning for matches and business intelligence which often means indexing content, matching words and phrases on a list, and generating alerts. There are other variations which include analyzing content and creating a report which tallies text messages from outraged customers.

Let’s check out reality. “Enterprise search” means finding information. Words and phrase are helpful. Users want these systems to know what is needed and then output it without asking the user to do anything. The challenge becomes assigning a jazzy marketing hook to make enterprise search into something more vital, more compelling, and more zippy.

Navigate to “What Should We Remember?” Bonanza. The diagram is a remarkable array of categories and concepts tailor-made for search marketers. Here’s an example of some of the zingy concepts:

  • Zero-risk bias
  • Social comparison
  • Fundamental attribution
  • Barnum effect — Who? The circus person?

Now mix in natural language processing, semantic analysis, entity extraction, artificial intelligence, and — my fave — predictive analytics.

How quickly will outfits in the enterprise search sector gravitate to these more impactful notions? Desperation is a motivating factor. Maybe weeks or months?

Stephen E Arnold, April 25, 2022


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