Google and Skin Color: What Is AI Unable to Learn?

May 12, 2022

In the wake of high school science club management innovations, the Google has turned its attention to skin color. “Google Adopts 10-Step Skin Tone Scale to Teach Diversity to Its AI” reports:

Google has adopted a 10-grade scale to help it better judge and present skin tones, a change that highlights the tech giant’s efforts to better reflect the range of people who use Google Photos, search and other products.

Interesting. Pantone (the color for printers people) has a YouTube video with more than 100 skin tones. Not to be outdone, , I recall seeing on Creativa Fabrica a chart with 180 skin colors.

Will 10 do the trick? I assume that Google’s smart software was not able to identify human skin color using the “learning while processing” methods of some AI wizards. But 10? That seems like a modest number when a cosmetic outfit requires 60 to move its products.

Why would a consumer products company waste money on unneeded skin hues? Maybe L’Oral is just not Googley?

Stephen E Arnold, May 12, 2022


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