Make Sales, Bill Time: Is There More to Real Work?

May 20, 2022

A partial answer to this question can be found in “Many Software Companies Are a Joke.” I circled this in bright green (that’s the money paid for not-too-helpful outputs):

The sad thing is that you get used to being busy but not productive, and when I say busy I mean pretending to be working hard when being watched. In other words, you will master the art of “eye service”.

Can one detect signals about “busy but not productive” in sectors other than software development? Let’s give this a whirl.

  1. Microsoft Teams and its monitoring functions and the parallel development of software that spoofs such monitoring.
  2. Meetings (in person and virtual) about inconsequential details when core functions do not meet customer needs.
  3. Decisions to replace informed humans with chatbots so employees do not have to deal with customers who complain about incorrect orders, non-functioning components, or bill mistakes.

I do like the idea of perfecting “eye service.” Perhaps this can be converted into a for-fee training program called “How to Look Busy While Doom scrolling”?

If one does no work, then one is not responsible for problems.

Stephen E Arnold, May 20, 2022


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