NSO Group: The EU Parliament Has an Annoyed Committee

June 27, 2022

I almost made it through a week without another wild and crazy NSO Group Pegasus kerfuffle. Almost is not good enough. I read “EU Parliament’s Pegasus Committee Fires Against NSO Group.” Do committees tote kinetic weapons in Western Europe?

The write up states:

On Tuesday (21 June), the committee scrutinized the NSO Group by questioning Chaim Gelfand, the tech firm’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer.  The MEP and rapporteur Sophie in ‘t Veld said the way Gelfand responded to or declined to answer several questions was “an insult to our intelligence” and that there was a “complete disconnect between reality and what you are saying”.

Does this mean “dismissive”? Maybe “arrogant”? Possibly “exasperated”?

The write up includes a question from a Polish representative; to wit:

“Who and how was checking the governments of Hungary and Poland? How on earth could they be verified by you?”

Not surprisingly, NSO Group has yet to find the equivalent of Meta (Zuckbook’s spokes human). Perhaps NSO Group will find an individual who does not stimulate EU Parliament committee members to be more forceful?

Stephen E Arnold, June 27, 2022


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