How Do You Build Traffic for a Gray Lady Service?

June 29, 2022

If you are a semi traditional publisher, with a desire to be the newspaper for the Big Boys, how do you build traffic? The answer is: Get into online games.

Top 50 Most Popular News Websites in the World: Wordle Fuels Huge New York Times Traffic Growth” states:

The New York Times was the fastest growing top news sites in the world in May 2022, according to Press Gazette’s latest ranking of the 50 biggest English-language news websites in the world.

What other site experienced strong growth? Egames, online adult content with a math class, the Zuckbook?

Nope. I learned:

The fastest growing site overall among the whole top 50 list was again, Live Universal Awareness Map (, which presents updates on conflicts in the form of a map (53.2m visits, up 1987%). Its huge surge is due to increased interest in its Ukraine coverage compared to the low base from which it started.

Are we looking at the future of traffic generation? A newspaper with an online game and a special operation which in some places should not be called a war. As an aside, it seems as if the newspaper should have been doing the live map info delivery. Obviously that type of data are not part of a newspaper’s mission.

Stephen E Arnold, June 29, 2022


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