Life Too Crazy? Game-ify It

July 14, 2022

A decade or more ago, one of my project managers explained that NASA was into games. The idea was interesting, but the majority of our work did not involve computer games. Several years ago I mentioned to a concert promoter that online games were generating “music.” That individual, who lived in Nevada, said he had a couple of employees tracking the influence of game music on the music events he organized. In a sense, I have been aware of the game-ification of digital thinking and innovation.

The write up “How the Technology Behind Fortnite Is Being Used to Design IRL Buildings” added another angle to my admittedly shallow understanding of the eGame revolution. The write up explains:

…the technology behind Fortnite and other video games is being adapted for use in the very real world of architecture, urban planning, and development.

Just as Apple imposes the mobile interface on its laptop and desktop computers, the eGame influence is moving beyond a simple way to pass time. (Time, I would point out, that might better be spent reading, volunteering, studying physics, working math problems, or walking in the woods.)

Several thoughts crossed my mind:

  1. Those who grow up immersed in eGames appear to be interested in pushing the “not really real” idea into areas once decidedly un-game like. Will the “real” world turn into more of a game than it already is? The answer, I surmise, is, “Yes.”
  2. Hooking up a game engine to an architect leads to what seems a logical link. Plug the game engine into AutoCAD, SolidWorks, something jazzier. Let smart software convert the game world into drawings, specs, and part supplier components or a model for a 3D printer. Seems like a useful project for a architect entrepreneur (assuming that the two words do not generate an oxymoron).
  3. Create artifacts which make it very clear that one is living in a simulation. Imagine a world in which a smart car will not run over a person standing next to a traffic cone.

What happens if one hooks the ByteDance super app into the eGame software? Answer to some CIA and British intel professionals: Happy Chinese propaganda professionals.

Stephen E Arnold, July 14, 2022


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