Microsoft Outlook: Excellence in Action?

August 12, 2022

I spotted “Microsoft Confirms a New Outlook Bug.” If the information in the cited article is accurate, some lucky Teams users will not be able to use the Microsoft Outlook email application. (Which of the many features is malfunctioning?)

I noted one statement, allegedly offered by a real Microsoftie.

“We do not know why the EmailAddress key is not being set properly.

Now that’s interesting: An open admission of a lack of knowledge, information, and insight. I was disappointed not to see:

  1. Blame shifted to some of the 1,000 Russian engineers who crated a stir with the SolarWinds’ misstep
  2. Responsibility aimed at state sponsored actors in such countries as Iran, North Korea, et al
  3. Mistakes made by an overworked, under skilled intern who was told to use the “good enough for horseshoes approach”
  4. Google because… well, just Google.

Stephen E Arnold, August 12, 2022


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