NSO Group: Now a Humor Piñata

August 16, 2022

Intelware once was serious, secret, and one of the few topics would be comedians would reference in an act. Not any more. Navigate to “NSO Group Finally Figures Out How Many European Countries It Does Business With” reports:

It seemingly takes about six weeks to count higher than five but NSO has put in the time and effort to ensure EU lawmakers have something more than the vague (and obviously low) estimate the company previously decided to provide in lieu of actual data.

Ho ho ho.

The quip is unlikely to cause chuckles in Tel Aviv. Three observations:

  • A topic which becomes the focus of a joke has entered popular culture. This is intelware, remember, not a remake of Elvis’ life story with glitter.
  • NSO Group appears to lack the management infrastructure to respond in a way which does not cause graduates of an online university MBA program to roll their eyes.
  • The NSO Group continues to demonstrate an ability to attract attention.

Net net: What’s next for the intelware sector? More marketing, slicker PowerPoint decks, and the quest for smarter software and (hopefully) decision makers.

Stephen E Arnold, August 16, 2022


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