Twitter and Software Robots: Elon, How a-Bot That Study from Israel?

September 22, 2022

How many bots or software robots does it take to boost a concept? Apply either the Diddle Coefficient or the Finagle Constant to get the necessary result. Okay, just joking. I read “A New Israeli Study of Twitter’s Fake Users Suggests Elon Musk Might Be Right.” The write up reports:

A new study conducted by CHEQ, an Israel-based cybersecurity firm, estimates at least 12 percent of Twitter users are likely fake…. Twitter claims fake accounts and bots comprise less than 5 percent of its roughly 200 million daily active users.

Plus, get this:

Fake users are particularly prevalent in Twitter’s overseas markets, the larger study found.

Interesting. The write up describes the study which could be:

  1. A way to get Mr. Musk’s attention for a business purpose
  2. A way for the Israeli company releasing these Musk-supporting data to get some PR traction
  3. Data which helps make clear what type of information can be gleaned from online ad clicks.

In my opinion, I pick item number 2. A research report is a much better way to promote Israeli business than the methods used by the NSO Group. (Just kidding, of course.)

Stephen E Arnold, September 22, 2022


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