Amazon Strategy: Just Prime the Pump with Low Grade Fuel

September 30, 2022

Have you pulled into a filling station in rural Missouri, filled your tank, and driven into the beauty of the state? Enjoyable, right. At least it was fun until the motor died because the fuel you purchased won’t run in your whale killing, dolphin destroying vehicle with a giant V8 and oversized wheels.


I think that’s how some Amazon employees feel after reading an email explaining that Amazons payroll department is not very good at math. You know. The hard math of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Strike that: Amazon has subtraction and division (maybe divisiveness) under control.

Oops, Amazon Emails Staff with News It Miscalculated Their Compensation” reports what may be “real news”:

A one-time bonus that was part of their compensation package had been miscalculated due to a software error and would be lower than what they had been told … The bonuses had initially been calculated using older, higher stock prices and about 40% of promoted employees this quarter were affected by the error.

No biggie. Just 40 percent of the Amazon happy tribe of Bezos bulldozer drivers.

The lower pay tier workers at the joyful Amazon money factory heard some bad news earlier, according to the write up:

Earlier this month, CEO Andy Jassy said that a $25 minimum wage is unlikely.

Interesting. Perhaps this ineptitude explains why Amazon has been less than revealing in some of its financial reports. The term for this is either inepticity, duplicity, or innumeracy, but that’s just my personal opinion.

What happened to my next day delivery?

Stephen E Arnold, September 30, 2022


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