Amnesty International: Unfriending As an Agent of Change

October 3, 2022

I read “Meta’s Horrendous Role in Facilitating Rohingya Genocide Detailed in New Report.” I am not sure how much of the story is just more of the “Get the Zuck Out of Here” versus objective, dispassionate analysis. You can decide for yourself after you read “The Social Atrocity: Meta and the Right to Remedy for the Rohingya.” You can download the report from Amnesty International at this link.

In the cited article “Meta’s Horrendous…”, I noted this statement:

Meta is being sued for $150 billion by refugees for its role in the violence.

The number is interesting. If the litigation achieves its goal, the Meta outfit (what I call the Zuckbook) will have to write a check. I wonder how much the possible settlement will go to legal eagles?

Another interesting statement in the cited article said:

“Amnesty International’s analysis shows how Meta’s content-shaping algorithms and reckless business practices facilitated and enabled discrimination and violence against the Rohingya,” the report said. “Meta’s algorithms directly contributed to harm by amplifying harmful anti-Rohingya content, including advocacy of hatred against the Rohingya. They also indirectly contributed to real-world violence against the Rohingya, including violations of the right to life, the right to be free from torture, and the right to adequate housing, by enabling, facilitating, and incentivizing the actions of the Myanmar military.”

I noted the word “reckless”, “torture”, and “military.” The word choice suggests that the Zuckbook can be weaponized because its management team was otherwise engaged.

True or false? My hunch is that the litigation will provide an answer. Oh, the payday for the legal eagles involved will feather some nests.

Stephen E Arnold, October 3, 2022


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