IBM Data Governance Tools

October 21, 2022

Confused about data governance? Just rely on IBM. That is our takeaway from a write-up at TechRepublic, “An Overview of IBM Data Governance Solutions.” Author Aminu Abdullahi begins by describing IBM’s top data tools, though whether “top” here means most popular or most heavily promoted is unknown. First up is Cloud Pak, a cloud-based AI platform made to gather and analyze data from multiple sources. OpenPages both guides users in protecting sensitive data and manages compliance issues. To wrest BI insights from data, users can turn to InfoSphere Optim. Then, of course, there is everything Watson. The post explains the framework that pulls it all together:

“As an organization grows, it’s important to have a plan to protect and manage data. The IBM data governance framework is a set of best practices that helps businesses create an overarching strategy for managing the life cycle of their data. IBM’s data governance practice framework includes four types of control:

  • Ensure: Controls for guiding work.
  • Assure: Controls for doing work.
  • Insure: Controls for operating.
  • Reassure: Controls for continuity.

These controls allow companies to identify, protect, manage, monitor and report on their data. They do this by working with their business leaders, functional heads and IT teams across the organization to create unified standards for how companies should use information from creation through disposal. For example, the Identify phase will help establish roles and responsibilities for stakeholders within the organization; Protect will provide guidelines for how to store all types of data securely; Manage can help ensure high-quality information; Monitor can give insight into what’s happening with information assets. Finally, Report covers tools that generate comprehensive reports on all aspects of data management. The framework helps build an environment where accountability and responsibility are clear across the enterprise.”

So IBM is a one-stop shop for responsible and profitable data management, if you will. The post concludes by noting these tools have received rave reviews from current users. We wonder, though, how many of those users have any basis for comparison. We ask, “Can’t Watson do this?”

Cynthia Murrell, October 21, 2022


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