Threats of a Digital Death: Legal Eagles, Pay Attention

November 1, 2022

I read “Twitter Users Plot Revenge on Elon Musk by Killing the Platform.” I don’t have a dog (real or a digital Zuck confection) in this fight. Frankly I never thought that individuals would admit that their actions harmed a commercial enterprise. Nor did I think these individuals would use their Twitter handles and the tweeter system to organize a group action to harm the Fail Whale. Plus, these people displayed their photographs and probably have profiles available online. (How difficult will it be for some to identify these actors and provide that information to a legal eagle known to chase ambulances?)

The write up states:

…tweeters are conspiring to help Twitter suffer a similar fate by sh*tposting and furry-frying Musk.

“Furry-frying?” Sounds interesting. Will there be a TikTok video?

There are illustrative tweets about what to do and how to accomplish the goal of causing the tweeter to die while trying to get aloft.

Remarkable information if accurate. I wonder if social media analytics systems can pinpoint these actors and take action; for example, emailing tweets and “personas” to a musky law firm?

My hunch is that this idea may occur to someone on the Musk team.

Stephen E Arnold, November 1, 2022


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