A Cheerful Look at Year End 2022 and Most of 2023

December 9, 2022

Year end and the New Year approach. It is time for reflection and prediction. I noted this Silicon Valley-esque real news write up titled “Tech Kept Talent Happy Doling Out Stock During the Boom. It’s Screwing Investors in the Bust.”

I circled this interesting chunk of prose:

In a period where investors are focused on profitability over growth, such retention and hiring efforts begin to look costly. Shareholders are still paying for the existing stock grants and now they’re going to pay for new grants…

Ah, ha. Presumably none of the high tech sector watchers noticed this?

Maybe in the midst of the 1998 downturn? What about 2008? And now stock based compensation is news.

What does this mean for 2022? Maybe a bit of gloom? And what about 2023? My thought is that MBAs and accountants will be beavering away in the grips of spreadsheet fever to make life better for themselves. I wonder if these folks keep their business school ethics lecture notes close at hand?

Stephen E Arnold, December 9, 2022


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