Transcription Services: Three Sort of New Ones

December 19, 2022

Update: 2 pm Eastern US time, December 19, 2022. One of the research team pointed out that the article we posted earlier today chopped out a pointer to a YouTube video transcription service. YouTube Transcript accepts a url and outputs a transcript. You can obtain more information at

One of the Arnold IT research team spotted two new or newish online transcription services. If you want text of an audio file or the text of a video, maybe one of these services will be useful to you. We have not tested either; we are just passing along what appear to be interesting examples of useful semi smart software.

The first is called Deepgram. (The name echoes n-gram, grammar, and grandma.) Once a person signs up, the registrant gets 200 hours of free transcription. That approximately a month of Jason Calacanis podcasts. The documentation and information about the service’s SDK may be found at this link.

The second service is Equature. The idea is, according to Yahoo Finance:

a first-of-its-kind transcription and full-text search engine. Equature Transcription provides automated transcription of audio from 9-1-1 calls, radio transmissions, Equature Armor Body-worn Camera video, and any other form of media captured within the Equature recording system. Once transcribed, all written text is searchable within the system.

Equature’s service is tailored to public safety applications. You can get more information from the firm’s Web site.

Oh, we don’t listen to Mr. Calacanis, but we do scan the transcript and skip the name drops, Musk cheers, and quasi-academic pontification.

Stephen E Arnold, December 19, 2022


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