Google Pushback: Malik Aforethought?

February 16, 2023

High school reunions will be interesting this year — particularly in a country where youthful relationships persist for life. I read “A Well Known Tech Blogger and Venture Capitalist Says It Might Be Time for Google to Find a New CEO.” The write up includes a sentence I found intriguing about Sundar Pichai, the Google digital leader:

“Google’s board, including the founders, must ask: is Pichai the right guy to run the company, or is it time for Sundar to go? Does the company need a more offense minded CEO? Someone who is not satisfied with status quo, and willing to break some eggs?”

The Microsoft ChatGPT marketing thunderbolt may well put asunder Sundar.

The write up quotes the pundit Om Malik again:

“Google seems to have dragged its feet. The botched demo and lack of action around AI are symptoms of a bigger disease — a company entrapped in its past, inaction, and missed opportunities.”

Imagine. Attending a high school graduation hoe down in Mumbai and having to explain:

  1. Microsoft’s smart software scorched earth method
  2. Missing an “opportunity”
  3. Criticism from one of Silicon Valley’s most loved insiders.

Yep, long evening.

Stephen E Arnold, February 16, 2023


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