Amazon Data Sets

February 21, 2023

Do you want to obtain data sets for analysis or making smart software even more crafty? Navigate to the AWS Marketplace. This Web page makes it easy to search through the more than 350 data products on offer. There is a Pricing Model check box. Click it if you want to see the no-cost data sets. There are some interesting options in the left side Refine Results area. For example, there are 366 open data licenses available. I find this interesting because when I examined the page, there were 362 data products. What are the missing four? I noted that there are 2,340 “standard data subscription agreements.” Again the difference between the 366 on offer and the 2,340 is interesting. A more comprehensive listing of data sources appears in the PrivacyRights’ listing. With some sleuthing, you may be able to identify other, lower profile ways to obtain data too. I am not willing to add some color about these sources in this free blog post.

Stephen E Arnold, February 21, 2023


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